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Blackberry games : Fierce Towers

games : Fierce Towers ($ US$4.99 US)

in fierce towers you will have to avoid being invaded by hordes of enemies by building a massive amount of fierce towers! Install your upgradable towers and smash each wave of this enemy invasion! One of the most popular strategy games for blackberry!
Fierce towers blackberry strategy game Fierce towers blackberry strategy game

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Blackberry Software info:
August 23, 2010
File size:
909 KB
Required Software:
Smartphone: 4.6.0 or higher
Support mail:
Supported models:
BlackBerry 8900, BlackBerry 9500, BlackBerry 9520, BlackBerry 9530, BlackBerry 9550, BlackBerry 9630, BlackBerry 9650, BlackBerry 9700, BlackBerry 9800
Supported countries:
All countries except: South Korea
Supported carriers:
All carriers