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Premium themes

These premium blackberry themes will give your blackberry a completely redesigned look, as if you were using a blackberry running a completely different Blackberry OS

Girls Night Out Solitaire (US$2.99 US)
Girls Night Out Solitaire is a girly pink blackberry theme
LinksII LiveScreen (US$9.99 US)
LinksII LiveScreen for blackberry includes different backgrounds, customized icons and weather info
Sky2 LiveScreen (US$3.99 US)
Sky2 Livescreen is a customizable homescreen for your blackberry
MechII LiveScreen (US$3.99 US)
give your blackberry a completely new look with this Mechll LiveScreen theme for blackberry.
Wallpaper Megaplex (US$4.99 US)
Wallpaper Megaplex for blackberry contains a database with over 16 million blackberry wallpapers which is still being extended every day. Notice that there is an additional database with blackberry wallpapers for all blackberries up to the Curve 8300 model which contains 250 wallpapers. With the Wallpaper Megaplex sofwtare for blackberry you gain a lifetime access to all this wallpapers
Lava Theme (US$2.99 US)
a hot blackberry theme, literally. Massive amounts of lava flow over your blackberries screen in this premium blackberry theme
Crystals blackberry Theme (US$2.99 US)
a blackberry theme clear as crystal!
Bemobi Fresh Theme (US$2.99 US)
The Premium Bemobi Fresh blackberry theme can be combined with whatever wallpaper you want
Asian Themes (US$2.99 US)
a premium blackberry theme designed for asian holidays
Between World Themes (US$2.99 US)
Between world blackberry themes. Confirmed to be compatible with: OS version 4.7 -9500 -9300 OS version 4.2.2 and above -8700 -8310 -8320 -8300 -8820 -8800 -8830

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