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the greatest free blackberry tools and applications which might help you in maintaining a clean blackberry system, or just help you in daily life

Blackberry Level (FREE)
a simple blackberry application, with this application you can use your blackberry storm as a simple level tool
BlackBerry Wallet (FREE)
Store credit card details, shipping info, website login details, reward program account numbers or giftcard information in one secure location, your Blackberry Wallet
SplashID Enterprise (FREE)
Have your SplashID Enterprise records with you wherever you go. Notice that this is the Enterprise edition of SplashID, only install it when ordered so by your company IT Admin
ScanLife Barcode Reader (FREE)
Scan QR codes such as the ones on this site, or scan other codes such as Datamatrix, EZcode, and UPC codes. This blackberry barcode reader is completely available as freeware software
AnalyzeYou (FREE)
AnalyzeYou can analyze your blackberry usage, get detailed statistics on how many SMS messages you have sent, how many calls you have made or more. Group by contact, date or event. Notice that AnalyzeYou for blackberry can currently not track blackberry messenger messages.
mTools (FREE)
With Mtools for blackberry you can share files between your desktop and blackberry
WiKID Software Token (FREE)
WiKID is an inexpensive blackberry software tokens replacement for hardware security tokens which makes use of a WiKID uses public key cryptography. This software works together with the serverversion of wikidsystems which is available as a free trial
QuickPull (FREE)
Give your blackberry a completely redesigned User Interface with this QuickPull software. Use the scheduler dashboard to schedule automated quickpulls or use the flawless social media integration. Quickpull has been downloaded 3 million times and is a true hit!
StormSlider LITE (FREE)
With StormSlider lite you can give your blackberry storm an apple iphone and ipad look and feel, with this blackberry slider lock option directly stolen from appleā€¦ use the premium version to have your screen locked as soon as the screen dims
MissingLight - color LED for missed call charging (US$2.99 US)
MissingLight does not only let your LED indicator blink when you have a missed call, but can also indicate when your battery is charged. Assign any RGB value to these settings

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