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FREE Health

this free blackberry software and apps will keep your mind and body into a perfect condition!

HandyLogs Fitness (FREE)
monitor cardio workouts, manage your gym trainings, track your weight changes in time. Compatible with US and Metric units. all managed through your blackberry.
Cardio Calc (FREE)
This blackberry health software can help anyone with cardiovascular disease or hyperlipidemia.
Gastroenterology clinical calculator (FREE)
GI Calc for blackberry is a mobile Gastroenterology clinical calculator and decision support tool available for free to the Medical community. Calculate the blatchford score (upper GI Bleeding). Determine the rist or relapse for alcohol abuse and post-liver transplantation. Determine severity of pancreatitis using the APACHE II score Calculate Child-Pugh and MELD scores Diagnose Autoimmune
Hematology clinical calculator (FREE)
Heme Calc is a blackberry Hematology clinical calculator which contains calculators to calculate the next medical health risks: Bone Marrow Involvement in Hodgkin's Disease Deep Vein Thrombosis Pre-test Probability Febrile Neutropenia MASCC Risk Score Follicular Lymphoma (FLIPI) prognose calculator and many other hematology calculators
Nephrology clinical calculator (FREE)
Neph calc is a Nephrology clinical calculator for blackberry with the following specs: This Nephrology app is a critical tool for anyone - not just Nephrologists managing patients with renal disease or electrolyte disorders. - Determine the risk of your patient requiring dialysis after angiography or cardiovascular surgery - Calculate creatine clearance based on a 24 hour urine collection
Pregnancy Wheel (FREE)
the Pregnancy wheel is medical blackberry software which lets you calculate your pregnancy due date based on your LMP (Last menstruation period), the ultrasound dating or calculates your Gestational age based on due date. Created by QxMD, the leading free medical software developer since 2007
Army Body Fat Calculator (US$4.99 US)
This Army Body Fat Calculator for blackberry uses the Army standards to calculate your Body Fat. Save and load calculations, keep track of your progress or keep track of how many remaining kilograms of body fat you need to loose!
Calorie Count Nutrition Search (FREE)
This blackberry Nutrition counter bases its info on the popular about.com diet info section, and is a back-to-basics calorie counter which will help you keep one thing in mind: just burn more calories then you consume! This blackberry calorie counter does not only contain nutritional info for the most common food, but also for popular restaurant chains such as McDonalds, Subway, etc so you will
GoodFoodNearYou (FREE)
GoodFoodNearYou for blackberry gives you a seach tool to search over 250000 US restaurants or over 36000 different restaurant menu items. With even a possibility to search for health information such as menu nutritional values or the possibility to search for the healtiest restaurant
Skyscape Medical Resources (FREE)
Skyscape Medical Resources for blackberry is an all-in one medical resources tool, this free version includes: - 'RxDrugs' a comprehensive database with thousands of generic and branded drugs, pil images and a dose calculator. - Archimedes: a medical calculator which contains over 200 interactive medical tools - Outlines in Clinical Medicine: Evidence-based clinical information on hundreds of

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