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With one of these blackberry tools or utilities you will be able to manage your blackberry in a better way!

Ring With Vibe (US$1.99 US)
Add extra actions when your blackberry rings with Ring with vibe. This blackberry software adds tons of extra options when you are being called, enable the ringtone while the phone is charging, but keep it on quiet mode when you have it in your pocket. its possible! annoyed of the default red LED indicator? Switch it to green when the phone rings! it's also possible! NOTE: The application wil
BeFTP ftp client (US$6.99 US)
BeFTP is a blackberry FTP client which allows downloading files directly to the handheld or to a media card as well as some essential file browser functions such as browsing, folder creation, file deletion etc. Notice that BeFTP works on an internal network only!
FlashLight (US$2.99 US)
use your blackberry as a torchlight, this application can switch on the camera light, ambient screen light, LED light, or any combination of the three almost instantly with a single click! a flashlight replacement for blackberry!
Storm Level Pro (US$4.99 US)
This blackberry Utility for the blackberry storm contains a level for both horizontal as vertical measures, a surface level, and 2 rulers in Inches and Centimeters
Handy Converter for BlackBerry (US$9.99 US)
use your blackberry to convert various currencies (up to 58 different currencies! based on a customizable source). Different types of size conversions for women, kids and men measure unit conversions of weight, time, area, volume, torque, speed and power. most complete blackberry converter on the market!
File Manager Pro - Zip and File Utility (US$4.99 US)
a useful zip and file manager for blackberry. Finally it is possible to open received ZIP or other archive files on your blackberry without the need of connecting your blackberry first to your desktop…
Flashlight for Storm - Amazing (US$2.99 US)
transform your blackberry storm in a flashlight, change your screen and LED to one of the 25 preset colors, you will be amazed when you see how much light this blackberry app really generates!
SnapScreen - ScreenShot App with Preview (US$1.99 US)
finally a possibility to take screenshots of your blackberry screen! You can easily take a screenshot from most applications by setting a predefined screenshot shortcut key. Your screenshot is saved on your blackberry SD card by default, but the system can also use the build in blackberry device memory when needed. You can try out this software for free (3 days, or 30 screenshots)
Blackberry PhoneTweak (US$4.99 US)
PhoneTweak adds some extra tweaks to your blackberry such as an automatic dimm function when calling, a flashlight feature, change LED color when battery is low, while charging or schedule a different powerup hour for each day of the week and many many more handy tools!
Mobiscope - Video from Webcams (US$19.99 U)
use this surveillance software to enjoy realtime video and audio streams on your blackberry. Supports almost any webcam and works with motion detection alerts over email

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