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this blackberry software category contains tools which can help you in the office, voice recorders, notepads, spreadsheets…. All can be found under this blackberry office software category

VR plus Voice recorder (US$7.99 US)
VR Plus is a blackberry voice recorder which is even able to share your voice recordings directly on myspace, twitter or blogger.com
RSIC Blackbox expense tracker (US$59.99 U)
RSIC Blackbox is a useful and powerful solution to track expenses or mileages and time. RSIC Blackbox uses a project based structure to make tracking and logging as easy as possible. Blackbox has also some extra features for Blackberry administrators, such as location tracking of other blackbox users, so you will know where all your personel can be found from now on.
RSIC Survey (US$59.99 U)
Start a survey with all your RSIC blackberry users, with RSIC survey you can gather statistical data and link it to GPS coordinates if needed (RSIC can collect the current location of the user when the survey was filled in). Possible applications of RSIC are: - Maintenance request forms - Appraisal reports - insurance reports - order forms - client visitation forms - statistical counting
Snappyseeker internet search (US$4.99 US)
Snappyseeker is a helpful tool when searching the internet, snappyseaker launches various Internet searches using mobile friendly sites such as Google, Yahoo!Finance, Amazon, Wikipedia and much more.
Blackberry Personal Finance Manager (US$29.99 U)
Manage your finance directly on your blackberry, or through your desktop with this Ascendo Personal Finance Manager package which contains both the desktop and blackberry software. This blackberry money management feature contains: - Create unlimited number of accounts for credit cards, checking, savings and investments. - Manage a transaction register for each account. - Record payee, date, am
m2bCard vCard software (US$5.99 US)
receive and import vCards without problems on your Blackberry with this m2bCard software for your blackberry
ToDoMatrix Professional - Task Management (US$59.99 U)
Manage unlimited projects and sub projects with TodoMatrix Professional for blackberry. Reminders and snooze alert functions remind you on upcomming deadlines and sort tasks by a wide-variety of fields, priorities, and dates. create unlimited categories, project folders and tasks. inject tasks directly from your blackberry phone, calendar or email without typing! set a different amount of alert
QuickContacts contact merger (US$4.99 US)
QuickContacts is the easiest way to create new contacts or merge new data with existing contacts on your blackberry! It has even a logging function to track contact changes made in the past!
NextAction! Standard Edition (US$19.99 U)
With Nextaction! Standard edition you can implement a GTD (Get Things Done) system on your blackberry. With support for someday/maybe next actions, list indicators, integration with blackberry tasks, comlete cleaning of tasks, improved workflows, and customizable project workflows. Delivered with 30days money back guarantee
Exgis Time and Expense Lite (US$7.99 US)
Use this blackberry office software to track time and expenses as soon as they incurre with Exgis Time and Expense tracker. For international travelsers there is even the possibility to record your expenses in foreign currencies

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