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FREE communication

These blackberry communication apps make communication with friends or colleagues a lot easier, and best of all, its blackberry freeware!

InterCall Mobile Assistant (FREE)
if your company is using interCall for conference calls, you can use this blackberry plugin to manage your contacts or nearby interCall dial in numbers. With this InterCall for blackberry application you also won't need to worry ever againon dial-in codes or PIN numbers, since this application handles everything for you!
PictureDial for BlackBerry Storm (US$0.99 US)
use a picturebook as a contactlist on your blackberry storm, from now on you don't need to look up names anymore, just tap the right picture and your blackberry will start dialing your contact! Notice that this version doesn't work with blackberry OS 6!
QuickText (US$3.99 US)
Addicted to texting on your blackberry? Then use quicktext for the fastest option to start a new text message, For example, do you wish to send Tom a text message? just type "Q" for Quicktext, and then press "T" for Tom, a new SMS screen will now instantly open with Tom already filled in in the receipients field!
Ifbyphone for the BlackBerry Storm (FREE)
use the Ifbyphone s cloud-telephony system on your blackberry to create voice broadcasts or conference calls. This version for the blackberry storm is available for free!
Ifbyphone conference calls (FREE)
use ifbyphone for blackberry to start a conference call or voice broadcast. Use the VoiceBroadcast option to send voice messages to your receipients instantly, or on a scheduled time. Or just start an outbound audio conference with your blackberry.
AOL Instant Messenger (FREE)
The blackberry version of the popular AOL Messenger, one of the first messenger ever available on the market and still a leading messenger applucation! AOL messenger for blackberry has the possibility to send text, messages or even emoticons to your other AOL Messenger friends!
Windows Live Messenger (FREE)
Windows Live Messenger, the most used messenger application up to date has released a blackberry application so you can keep in touch and communicate with your friends at any time, at any moment. Never need to miss a chat again!
Yahoo Messenger (FREE)
Yahoo Messenger for blackberry, the Yahoo Messenger client delevoped by RIM themselves. Keep in touch with all your yahoo messenger friends over your blackberry, customized status messages, possibilities for multi-chat conversations and more. A full option Yahoo Messenger package for blackberry
YouMail Visual Voicemail Plus (FREE)
Youmail visual voicemail plus is one of the best voicemail applications available. And best of all, this blackberry software is freeware! Visualize your blackberry voicemails (providers verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and sprint). Scroll through your voicemails and play them in any wanted order, forward them to other users or even categorize them. You can even access your voicemails through any comput
Yellow Pages Business Finder and Canada411 People (FREE)
a Yellowpages.ca application for your blackberry. Find businesses or more for a massive amount of Canadian businesses! Includes even over 30,000 advertising videos of included companies!

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