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Financial blackberry software such as stock quote managers, financial portfolio managers and many more financial blackberry tools can be found under this software downloads category

SplashMoney Personal Finance (US$9.99 US)
With SplashMoney Personal finance you can connect into a numberous list of bank accounts, with secure blowfish encryption, the possibiliity to print registers and reports, support for multiple currencies and more. You can even create budgets and track or analyze them. or synchronize your blackberry splashmoney software with the desktop edition!
e-Mobile Today Stocks Expansion Pack (US$4.99 US)
Receive your stock quotes directly on your main screen (blackberry today screen). Notice that you will need to have e-mobile professional installed on your blackberry before this Stocks expansion package will work
e-Mobile Stocks (US$9.99 US)
receive live stock quote info from the NASDAQ, Amex, NYSE and a few more other important stock trading systems. Contains also the latest market news updates
Tax Receipts Shoebox (US$2.99 US)
Easily keep track of all expenses for your customers with the Taks Receipients shoebox for blackberry. Take pictures of receipts with your blackberry camera and store them in the software, convert foreign currencies or track your calls in order to be able to make them billable
Debt Rescue 911 (US$2.99 US)
Dept Rescue 911 is full of ideas on how to survive in these difficult financial times, covers medical, credit card, mortgage depts and more!
MileageMeter (US$3.99 US)
get detailed charts on your gas mileage, the actual price per mile, your approximate next refill and more. With the possibility to set both MPG or liters/100km so this software will be usable in all countries.
Currency Exchange Rates (US$0.99 US)
This Currency exchange rates converter for blackberry contains not less than 120 different currencies, you can show your favourite currencies on your main screen, sort them by relative value, with exchange rates from a professional financial currency exchange rates provider!
ExpenseManager (US$5.99 US)
ExpenseManager, one of the blackberry developer challenge finalists of 2009! Has an immense amount of expense managing possibilities: - track expenses for multiple accounts - convert your expense reports to an exportable csv format - store account number, payment currencies, exchange rates, desciptions, date of payment, payment method or category - use one of the 9 build in payment methods or
my commission (US$2.99 US)
My Commission for blackberry helps you to keep track of all your earned or pending commissions. Are you currently working on several different projects and you can't remember anymore how much commission depends on what deal? Have a quick look to My Commission for blackberry in order to be up to date again.
MileageManager (US$2.99 US)
With the MileageManager software for blackberry you finally have the possibility to keep track of all your trips made for both business as personal use. You can use MileageManager to store also info on paid toll, your reimbursement rate, the possibility to start and stop your Odometer and more.

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