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FREE ebooks

blackberry ebooks fans will be able to find all they want here, all blackberry software which is related to ebooks can be found under this category

BEIKS Noah Bible eBook viewer with KJV Bible eBook (US$19.99 U)
this 1-time registration fee gets you access to all available bible versions and books, download the ebook to your blackberry so you won't need a mobile connection to download a bible ebook when you want to read it. Notice that this bible ebook reader is provided as a 10-days free trial application!
FreeBooks (FREE)
With FreeBooks you can access thousands of free e-books through your blackberry.
AcroBible KJV (US$4.99 US)
A fast and convenient access to the bible, specially designed for touchscreen blackberries, Acrobible KJV
Acrobible NIV (US$14.99 U)
This ultimate complete blackberry bible includes the entire Old and New Testament, search functions, the possibility to take notes, locate your favourite verses, etc etc. One of the most brilliant blackberry bible apps available. This one works extremely well on touchscreen blackberries
top 10 wines guide (US$2.99 US)
this top 10 wines guide contains the top 10 best wines of France, New Zealand, Italy, Australia and the USA. This guide was created by Vincent Gasnier, one of the top sommeliers at the moment!
Ah Party Planner on the Go (US$2.99 US)
Ah Party Planner on the Go contains 12000 party receipes for dinner, lunch, breakfast, desserts etc etc. Finally you will always know what to cook when you have a party or friends comming for dinner!
Ultimate Romance Stories (FREE)
6 Blackberry e-books for all romance lovers. Featuring: Lady With Lapdog - by Anton Chekov The Lagoon - by Joseph Conrad Destiny and a Blue Cloak - by Thomas Hardy Rappaccini's Daughter - by Nathaniel Hawthorne The Fulness Of Life - by Edith Wharton The Thing's The Play - by O. Henry
Ultimate Short Stories ebooks (FREE)
a few short story ebooks for blackberry featuring some of the greatest short stories of all times. This blackberry ebook includes: The Vendetta - by Guy de Maupassant A Telephone Call - by Dorothy Parker A Haunted House - by Virginia Woolf A Slander - by Anton Chekhov The Monkey's Paw - by W. W. Jacobs The Minister's Black Veil - by Nathaniel Hawthorne The Fiddler - by Herman Melville Th
Sherlock Holmes Collection (FREE)
This blackberry ebook is a bundle of 12 Sherlock Holmes adventures. It includes the next stories: - A Scandal In Bohemia - The Red-Headed League - A Case Of Identity - The Boscombe Valley Mystery - The Five Orange Pips - The Man With The Twisted Lip - The Adventure Of The Blue Carbuncle - The Adventure Of The Speckled Band - The Adventure Of The Engineer's Thumb - The Adventure Of The
Suprabhatam Lite (US$0.99 US)
a religious ebook for the blackberry on Lord Venkateswara

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