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Blackberry software which is able to assist you when communicating with friends such as chat apps or extra emoticons can be found here

Blackberry Emoticons (US$0.99 US)
do you have the feeling you would be able to express more feelings with extra emoticons? Well this software is exactly what you need, a massive amount of 30 extra emoticons!
IM Plus talk with VOIP (US$9.99 US)
IM+ Talk with VOIP is a chat tool with Voice over IP functionality which can connect to the skype network. Make cheap calls over the internet through wifi, but also over the GPRS or 3G network when required. You can even start a normal chatsession with your Skype contacts. Notice that this version of IM Plus is not yet optimized for blackberry OS 7.
PocketDay Start (US$4.99 US)
Assign shortcuts to your favourite blackberry contacts, start a new tekst message, call or email to your most important contacts with only a single press of a shortcut key!
Voxofon International Calls and SMS - Quality Call (FREE)
Make cheap international calls and send cheap international SMS messages with Voxofon for blackberry. With this VOIP for blackberry you can finally reach your contacts abroad for the lowest possible price! Works as a skype clone for blackberry!
EasyDialer (US$9.99 US)
from now on you dont have to mess around anymore on your blackberry with different call options, with easydialer you can easily switch calling card, VoIP service, PBX or conference call by storing the calling card information on your blackberry. with smart dual you can set different dial or no-dial rules, so all outgoing calls are iunterpreted on these rules. Once matched, the rule is applied on
nSched messages sheduler (US$2.99 US)
NSched for blackberry allows you to create SMS or email messages upfront and send them to your contacts on a predefined time. finally an automated way to schedule email and SMS messages! You can even schedule the system to send a specified mail over and over again!
Antair AutoResponder (US$29.99 U)
Antair AutoResponder is a blackberry automatic e-mail responder which can auto answer e-mails while in a meeting, it can let the sender know when you will be able to reply, or contact them back. You can send different replies depending on who is contacting you: family members, co-workers or clients. An unlimited number of pre-defined replies can be created. You can also use a global catch-all r
Antair Call Screener (US$29.99 U)
Antair Call Screener for blackberry is a powerful call screening tool for your blackberry, it can block unwanted calls during a meeting or your well deserved day off. Features: - create custom screening profiles based on your own needs. - block unknown numbers - block private numbers -block calls from specific countries - block calls from specific numbers - block specific area codes - retu
PeeKaWho Email SMS Alerts and SPAM Blocker (US$9.99 US)
PeeKaWho is a an award winning SMS and email notification tool for your blackberry. PeekaWho for blackberry gives a pop-up notification when getting critical mesages. Voted as must have blackberry application by different mobile magazines and voted as 2008 best application by crackberry.com With PeeKaWho you can finnaly see whos emailing you when building a large email draft, no need to save you
Google Talk (FREE)
Google talk, the popular instant messenger created by google, has now an own client version for blackberry. Chat with friends, check their status, start a conversation with multiple users etc etc, this google talk blackberry application has everything which is also included in the google talk desktop version!

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