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GPS software

do you want to use your blackberry build in GPS receiver for extra applications? You are sure going to find them under this blackberry GPS software category!

Blackberry Mobile tracker software (US$4.99 US)
track a recent tracject on your Blackberry with Mobiletracker, this blackberry GPS application can not only work with the build in GPS, but also with external GPS receivers. View your logs in google earth, Mobiletracker records your GPS tracklog, stores elevation and time, with easy oneclick tracklog recording and extensive statistical information! if you want to check your GPS loggings after
Greenfinder Golf GPS software (US$39.99 U)
calculate essential Golf details with Greenfinder Golf GPS such as the distance between the front and the back of the green, aerial view of the hole, shot distance, distance to hazards etc…. With over 13000 golf courses available in the database!
GPSed Pro Track and Map Your Trips (US$9.99 US)
With GPSed Pro you can track trips anywhere on earth from your blackberry and share it with your friends on facebook / twitter or blogger. The Pro edition of GPSed for blackberry contains the next extra features: 1. Attach photos to locations and manage them directly through GPSed 2. SOS option which will instantly send an SOS message over SMS or e-mail including your current location. They w
AllSport GPS (US$9.99 US)
Track or plan your sports progress with Allsports GPS for blackberry, Allsport GPS for blackberry uses your devic2es build in GPS to collect firtness stats such as speed, time, distance traveled or calories burned. Allsports GPS also gives you the possibility to compare your workouts over time by storing every workout online. download street, aerial or trail maps to your blackberry use your b
Trimble Outdoors (US$9.99 US)
Trimble Outdoors for blackberry is an outdoor GPS and navigation recorder. Track topo data, street or aerial positions, find waypoints, capture geotagged photos or download offline maps to your blackberry to save datatransfer costs, or just share your trips online with facebook friends!
Geocache Navigator (US$19.99 U)
Geocache Navigator for blackberry is a leading Geocaching application which is also the only application which connects your blackberry directly to the worlds largest geocaching database, geocaching.com become an instant treasure hunter with this Geocaching appliation for blackberry!
VQ CarFinder - Car Finder (US$4.99 US)
VQ Carfinder helps you to find back your car wherever you parket. Are you on a gigantic parking lot? Or a city you never have been before? Start VQ Carfinder on your blackberry, press the Carfinder button when leaving your car and you will always be able to find it back!
WhereRYu - Family Location Tracking (US$39.99 U)
With WereRYu you can easily track family members or other people accepted on your trusted list and vice versa. Features: Patent-Pending Location Tracking Technology Allow friends ,family and co-workers to find you on demand One time purchase for lifetime (no monthly fees) Can be used to track the location of your spouse or children, find a lost phone or track employees (Lone Worker Tracking)
WhereAmI homescreen location display (US$9.99 US)
WereAmI always displays your location on the homescreen, requires an active GPRS connection and a GPS enabled blackberry. This application will download the google maps and use them as a wallpaper
e-Mobile GPS Companion (US$19.99 U)
this blackberry e-mobile GPS companion gives you the shortes route to a nearby restaurant, entertainment park,… or just gives you the traffic conditions in the area at current time. E-mobile GPS companion for blackberry can even connect you to your nearest friends!

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