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FREE GPS software

all GPS enabled blackberry applications without any cost can be found under this free Blackberry GPS software category

Wisepilot - GPS Navigator (FREE)
Wisepilot is a new concept GPS navigator for blackberry, you can download the software for free, but you can purchase in-app options such as turn-by-turn navigation or speed camera info (based on a subscription). options for free at all time are: - weather forecast (5 days) - distance to destination - worldwide maps - interesting spots and places near destination - share with friends -on ma
beGPS one GPS Tracker (FREE)
beGPS one GPS Tracker is the free version of the beGPS GPS tracker for blackberry. Store your location updates on your devices SD card. geGPS one tracker can update based on distance or time, send your current location as a google maps link though email, microsoft bing maps or yahoo maps. If you need more features, like more options for location updates, automated tracking, regular eMail dispatc
BlipPlus from BlackLine GPS (FREE)
BlipPlus for blackberry is a location based (GPS) tool which integrates with your social network friends so they will always be able to know where you are hanging out at the moment. Easy to know if a friend is in the neighbourhood or maybe at the other side of the world.
Gokivo Navigator - US and Canada - BB9000 (FREE)
a free 14 days trial on the Gokivo Navigator GPS navigation software for the blackberry 9300. With voice guidance, a local search option to find restaurants, gas stations and much more. a real must have blackberry GPS navigation application!
Gokivo Navigator - United Kingdom - RIM 9000 (FREE)
the perfect GPS navigation software for all blackberry users living, or visiting the United Kingdom. With traffic news, voice guidance, local search options and much more. Delivered as a 14 days trial blackberry GPS navigation package
Simultravel GPS (FREE)
Simultravel GPS uses your blackberry build in GPS to find hotels near you, or near a chosen location. Including the option to view hotel rates upfront, or to just start booking a room by calling the included phone number! Includes international Hotels
Earthcomber (FREE)
Earthcomber combs out the area based on your interests, Earthcombers looks out automatically for all your interests as you cross the area, and inform you on interesting restaurants, entertainment and a lot more!
Smap (FREE)
Smap is a free route recorder for your blackberry which uses the build in GPS receiver to collect its data. This software was developed for runners and keeps info on your total trip time, distance covered, your average speed, pace in time and even elevation! from now on you will have complete stats on your progress!
GPSed Lite Track and Map Your Trips (FREE)
With GPSed Lite you can record your trips and send them to friends over email, Instant Messenger or even Social Media networks. You can even include your geotagged pictures with it.
Btrips (FREE)
use your build in Blackberry GPS and Btrips together to record your trips and watch them afterwards on google maps or google earth.

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