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Blackberry Software recommended by us:

blackberry edgar allan poe stories
The Tell-Tale Heart and Other Works (US$2.99 US)
a collection of short Edgar Allan Poe stories written in his well known gothic style for your blackberry
Navita Translator (FREE)
Navita translator for blackberry translates and speaks words or phrases from e-mails, SMS messages, your browser of over 50 languages including english, russian, spanish etc etc.
facebook for blackberry
Facebook for blackberry (FREE)
Facebook, the most popular social network of the moment, is now easily accessible through your blackberry smartphone by using this facebook client application developed by research in motion themselves. Update your facebook status, chat with friends of watch their latest picture changes in this facebook for blackberry application
Blackberry WeatherBug
WeatherBug (FREE)
WeatherBug for blackberry is one of the most downloaded free applications for blackberry. This blackberry weather software will give you weather camera views, in-depth forecasts, radar maps and more based on your GPS location. Weather is collected from over 8000 US weather stations. Featuring a 7-day and an hourly forecast or more. most complete free blackberry weather application
Blackberry Weathereye application
WeatherEye (FREE)
WeatherEye for blackberry is one of the most frequently downloaded applications. This weather software gives you detailed weather conditions, and has the possibility to display them on the weathereye home icon.
Blackberry storm slider lock
StormSlider LITE (FREE)
With StormSlider lite you can give your blackberry storm an apple iphone and ipad look and feel, with this blackberry slider lock option directly stolen from appleā€¦ use the premium version to have your screen locked as soon as the screen dims
PlayToMo Free blackberry multiplayer games
playtomo (FREE)
Playtomo for blackberry are a bunch of free blackberry games which can be played together with your friends. Play against your facebook contacts and more. And just when you get borred of the playtomo games, they will add a bunch of new games to the list!
Blackberry memory booster
Memory Booster - RAM Optimizer (US$4.99 US)
Memory booster for blackberry optimizes your RAM usage without rebooting your blackberry. See how much memory is being reclaimed by memory booster in a fancy chart, recover lost memory, or optimize the use of your devices Java Virtual Machine. Rated one of the top 3 overall blackberry applications this is a true must have application for each blackberry owner!
Blackberry Paintball game
Paintball 2 Trial (FREE)
in this high scoring Blackberry game, you will have hours of fun sorting the paintballs so you will have 3 balls of the same color in a row next to a pipe, when the pipe detects such a row, they are sucked into it giving you extra points in return! Paintball 2 is a true addictive puzzle game for your blackberry, use this free trial to get convinced before buying the full version. This trial con
Fierce towers blackberry strategy game
Fierce Towers (US$4.99 US)
in fierce towers you will have to avoid being invaded by hordes of enemies by building a massive amount of fierce towers! Install your upgradable towers and smash each wave of this enemy invasion! One of the most popular strategy games for blackberry!
Remote Print (US$4.99 US)
remote print for blackberry is one of the most useful business applications around, with this application you can finally start printing documents from your blackberry immediately to your office printer. No need to switch on your computer again to print a file you just received on your blackberry. Remote print for blackberry!
WhatsApp Blackberry Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger (FREE)
WhatsApp is a popular messenger application for blackberry which is also compatible with 2 other major vendors. WhatsApp Messenger for blackberry has the possibility to exchange video or images, start a group chat, has the possibility to send offline messages and uses your phonenumber as contactnumber, so no need to remember strange usernames or PIN numbers anymore.
FancyTran blackberry freeware translator
FancyTran (FREE)
This blackberry translator is rated 5 stars by more than 10,000 users! It works together with the bing and google translation engine and uses text to speech for over 60 different languages and 50 different pronunciations. It even checks your spelling and corrects where needed! FancyTran is the most frequent downloaded blackberry translation application. And best of all, this blackberry software
Blackberry battery watch
Battery Watch - Free Power Consumption Monitor (FREE)
With Blackberry Battery Watch you will be able to analyze your battery state over time and visualize it in charts over a certain number of days, weeks or months. with info on battery status, voltage, temperatiure, etc etc.
Blackberry LiveTracker GPS software
LiveTracker FREE Download (FREE)
LiveTracker is a great freeware GPS tracker for blackberry, this software can start backgroundtracking and send its infortation to the livetracker website, start tracking remotely by sending or receiving an SMS message, send your location over the possible media such as PIN, SMS , Email, Twitter, MMS etc. you will really love this blackberry tracking application!
Blackberry Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog (US$0.99 US)
now it is possible to play this nostalgic Sega game from 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog, created by the respected EA Games company, you will need to stop Dr Eggman from taking over the world by beating hm with your blue spiked sega freind: Sonic the hedgehog!
String Em In (Espanol) (US$1.99 US)
make as many words as possible within the time limit to make the playfield shrink and letters dissapear in this english edition of the String Em In blackberry words game
Blackberry hidden contacts list
BlackBook - Hide your contacts and conversations (US$3.99 US)
Finally a way to hide your most important and secret contacts or conversations from the default menus. This blackberry application is even so discrete that you wont find it back with an icon on your blackberry, you will need to enter the secret shortcut combination on the main screen to launch it. NOTE: after having installed this application, you must hit the red end-call button 5 times to run
blackberry free call blocking blacklist
Call Control Blacklist Lite (FREE)
This fee blackberry blacklist (Call Control) you can use a blacklist to block incoming calls. In the freeware Lite version of this blackberry software you can also use the hangup mode, in this mode, your blacklisted calls will be picked up and closed immediately, so they wont have the possibility to leave a voicemail message. You will get an example of 100 numbers from the blacklist community a
Blackberry wifi file transfer
Wifi File Transfer (US$4.99 US)
transfer files from and to your blackberry with Wifi File Transfer for blackberry. This small application will turn your blackberry into a wifi memorystick, transfer files to the build in SD card and access your files immediately through your browser. Notice that this application will not work over the internet, your devices will need to be on the same internal network in order to work correct
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